Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Ralphie - or - How I Spent My Summer Vacation

So, I got a puppy, another golden retriever that we named "Ralph". He is 10 weeks old now and it is like having another baby. He is beautiful, very independent, funny, smart, and sometimes a royal pain! The past two weeks have revolved around taking care of him. This morning he chased a spider he discovered on the kitchen floor, which I thankfully got to before he ate it - yuck! But, I have to say (with motherly pride) that he is 99% housetrained, has learned sit, stay, and come. On the other hand, he can be a real rascal and occasionally has these spurts of energy where he acts like Wiley Coyote (reminds me of some of my students). He barks at the barbecue. His mother is an agility champ; apparently, Ralphie takes after her as the other day he somehow managed to jump over our very tall couch. My house is a maze of baby gates. But...I have definitely fallen in love.

Yesterday was the first day we actually left him alone in the house. Joey (hubby) and I drove down to Jones Beach and took an hour walk on the boardwalk. Refreshing and great to breathe in that ocean air! Anyway, we came home to a sleepy puppy -- no accidents, no damage. Yay! By the way, my kids picked out his name. It kind of suits him, though.

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  1. Ralphie Boy! He is so cute.. You should make a video "The World According to Ralph" with a day from his point of view.. watching TV.. chasing spiders.. would be great!