Monday, March 17, 2008

ASSET 2008: Keynote - Rushton Hurley

Blogging live from ASSET 2008 in Huntington, NY. Rushton Hurley is the director of Next Vista For Learning. Having fun with clickers - getting audience statistics. Haha funny - 54 teachers clicked in that they've been teaching since the dawn of time. The fun of teaching: 11 people - no place in learning for fun! Themes -fun, technology, and testing. Where is the common ground?

If what we do is teach really well in front of class and they're not getting it, it may be more about reception, not broadcast.
  • Sketchup - from Google - build a house - there are tutorials on how to do this. Can use with science -can put shadows on the house by time of year! Ask students, "why is this happening?"
  • Google Earth - historical, geographical tie-ins that you can see visually.
  • Video - incredibly powerful tool. Getting kids interested in doing a job just right.
  • PicLens - make a photowall - can use it for a wordwall.
How does this relate to testing? Find a way to reach kids that are having difficulties with testing. Getting ideas across in a different way. Wrote a minigrant to teach the kids how to make videos to help explain hard-to-understand concepts. Kids are making the movie; audience is rest of class, school, world. Confidence booster for kids. Make a video of our school - what is it like in our school? Kids worked for hours to 'get it just right.' Low achieving kids made these videos. Tools to give these students another opportunity to say 'we belong, too'.

Later: My session, Web 2.0: Beyond Razzle Dazzle, went very well. Audience very appreciative. I made many references to David Warlick and Will Richardson - thank goodness for these two!

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