Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Picture above from http://www.lennonbus.org/

Yesterday at the conference I was able to tour the Apple John Lennon Imagine Educational Tour Bus. It was amazing! It is a recording studio on wheels that travels all over the U.S. and Canada, visiting schools, (for free), and allowing students to spend the day in the bus creating their own music videos. Students write the lyrics, create the music, create the video, and the Apple engineers turn that into a MTV-style music video. That is burned to a DVD and given to the students. We got to see the Imagine bus and watched this video. How cool is that!


  1. This reminds me of something I saw recently. A few weeks ago Dana (from class) asked me to help her chaperone a cross-country meet. While I was there I noticed that NIKE had a truck there that said something about "see the science behind how you run". Inside the truck there was a treadmill that was connected to a mac that was running a program that was designed to analyzes how you run. The program gave you feedback on how to run better and pick the right running shoe. It seems that macs are everywhere these days. From helping students record music to helping them run better; macs are doing it all!

  2. I like that video a lot! The song really sets the stage. The children look VERY motivated, and I think that our students would be as well if they were given the oppportunity to take part in something like that!

    I'm wondering what we could do with that.. piggyback on it and build... pondering...

  3. Who is Quit Looking at My Blog?? :)

  4. Adam,
    Let's think about how we could maybe do this!